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Access a population of 200,000

Honeycomb Kitchens

Extending Your Offering

Honeycomb Kitchens

Commercial Dark Kitchens For Rent in Warrington


For the delivery crowd

Searching for a commercial kitchen for hire in Warrington?

Honeycomb has a range of 12 commercial or ‘dark’ kitchens available to rent. 

Delivery-only dark kitchens, also known as ghost or virtual kitchens are a great solution to access the 200,000 population of Warrington.

Our Facilities

Honeycomb will house 12 individual kitchen units which can be hired on short-term lets.  Our dark kitchen food production units provide spaces of 15m2 - 20m2, with extraction and services for a set fee. 

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Central Warrington

Our dark kitchens are located in the cultural quarter of Warrington town centre, the property faces Golden Square Shopping Centre with nearly 3K spaces within a short 2-minute walk.

27-31 Sankey St, Warrington WA1 1XG


Based @ The Hive

Creating new space in Warrington for socialising, shopping and co-working experiences

This series of connected buildings and spaces encourage social interaction, creativity and a real sense of community. 

This indoor boutique mall offers eateries and entertainment venues right on-site attracting people in to spend the whole day browsing, buying and socialising.

The Hive

A boutique mall with bars, restaurants and local retailers perfectly blends with our working community.

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Nectar Co-Working

Nectar offices come with everything you need, from stylish and comfortable furniture to meeting rooms and world-class facilities.

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Honeycomb Dark Kitchens

Short term & flexible contracts, ideal for restaurants looking for kitchen space to cater for home delivery demand.

Extending Your Offering

You already have a Warrington restaurant and you’d like to grow by getting into the food delivery business. Maybe you want to cut costs and simply run the delivery side of your venture. 

Commercial Kitchen Hire

Ideal for takeaway-only kitchens, virtual brand operators, national restaurant chains and local restaurateurs.

Our short-term & flexible contracts are ideal for restaurants or brands looking for kitchen space rented from a third party to cater for home delivery demand.